Acceptance Is A Virtue

It’s important to accept things in our lives even though sometimes we may not like the thing we must accept. It can be anything from a problem to a solution to the problem we have to accept it the consequences of our circumstances in general in one’s life. If we accept that what is going to happen will happen then we will feel no pain from it. This is apart of transcending the earth element. Fear, survival, worry, food dependency are all to be transcended. Cultivating faith, stability, and righteousness will transcend those worldly principles. Acceptance is apart of those virtues to be cultivated.

Accepting things doesn’t necessarily mean do nothing in life everything will fix itself. By acceptance I mean accepting things to a certain extent and usually things that only the most high can change. Keeping in mind we are like small drops in the primeval ocean Nun. We apart of all things that exist which are encompassed by and make up the body of God (Neberdjer)(QMT). An example is health problems, we should definitely get treatment if available but remember that Anpu (God) has the final say so in any situation. Some problems only God can solve and we might not like the solution God chooses for us sometimes but it’s always the best and righteous. Cultivating our psycho-spiritual virtues over worldly principles is how we will transcend them. Being light instead of ignorant we will create our destinies. Ignorance will cause you to fall victim to your own fate.

Man’s Will And God’s Will

Through our will we express our plans and future actions. The things we want (will) to achieve are determined by our self-identity. In ancient Egypt (Qmt) we believe our true self is with the Supreme Being (All encompassing){Neberdjer}. Qualitatively God and us are the same; this must mean our will also belongs to God. Since God is omnipotent and we are one with God, our will is God’s will which is all seeing and all knowing and in sync with all events. The principle determining a man’s success is not simply having a firm will, or just thinking positively but is man’s ability to intuit God’s will (the mysteries of life and why everything happens). A man or woman spiritually evolved to this level (identifying with the true self and not the ego self) can unite his/her will with the will of God; a person who seeks to be guided by God’s will in all actions and decisions in life. Success (which isn’t always the accomplishment of your exact goal but spiritual evolution {enlightenment}, gaining knowledge and power from the experience) in life is always the outcome if all of a person’s actions are guided by God. We should all seek to be guided by God and grow in the likeness of God.

Three Types of Men – Spiritual Evolution

The mystical teachings of Qmt (Kamit) and also in other cultures like the Taoist tradition of China, describe the three types (levels) of spiritually evolved men. In the Taoist tradition of China they are called Masses, Superior Men, and Sages; in the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition they were referred to as Sahu Man, Ab Man, and Asar Man. Again these are the 3 stages/divisions of the spiritual evolution of man, representing the mental, moral, and spiritual abilities a man has. First, the Masses/Sahu Men are the least spiritually evolved they are controlled by their emotions and sensual feelings having little to no intuitive power. They see only the concrete physical side of things basically devoid of understanding. A man like this has not risen past the Sahu part of the spirit in the Kamitic traditions. Next, the Superior Man/Ab Man is one who is able to rise above the influence of their emotions and sensual habits. They have evolved a little more spiritually than the Sahu Man being that they are able to understand and think abstractly for themselves about the subjects they have been taught, although their knowledge is still limited to just that. They have risen past the Sahu part of spirit and the lower divisions of the spirit (lower-self, animal spirit, instincts). Being this spiritually evolved they can avoid contradictions in their life (falsities) that are problematic and seemingly unavoidable to the Masses. Finally, the Sages/Asar Men are able to intuit (teach themselves from within) the knowledge they need to solve any problem they face. They can achieve goals using words of power (Hekau) and visualization. This is the highest level in spiritual evolution at this stage man has completed his evolution. Learning and practicing the mystical teachings, meditation, prayer & ritual you will become more conscious, perceptive, and enlightened to the world around you. You will begin to understand more and more each day; why things happen in the world and your purpose as a (spirit at his subtlest) soul incarnated (mind & body at his grossest/densest point) to this life on earth (physical plane).


Divine Law – The Heart And Feather

Most people know nothing of ‘Divine Law’ — the law that governs all {incarnation, earth, and non-physical). In Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) traditions the heart is represented by a hieroglyph called ‘The Ab’ 𓄣. This hieroglyph in the ancient Egyptian language is like an empty pot, which is filled with all of your Karma (memories & experiences). This heart or pot is judged by the Divinity of truth and order Maat when a person dies or needs to cross over from the end of a physical life to the start of a astral journey and possibly reincarnate if the soul is not enlightened enough to find the higher self and transcend to higher levels of being {Heavenly realms and the House of Asar}(the Most High Spirit in Kamitic traditions). In the mystical teachings of Qmt (Kamit – Ancient Egypt) The Ab is weighed against a feather of the Goddess of truth and order Maat to see if the heart (conscience) is lighter or heavier (righteous or unrighteous). It is said if the heart is unrighteous it will be given to the demons for torturing (hell), in the Duat (Astral Realm) one may be there for an eternity (forever or unmeasured amount of time, years and years) and experience an unlimited amount of pain or pleasure depending on the life one lived while alive on earth. So, when you are being given a new life on earth after experiences in the Astral realm; you are given a life according to your Karma, The Ab is judged and placed in the right body to again gain experiences to become enlightened (spiritual evolution) and given the choice to become righteous and pure of heart. To realize the innermost truth and find the innermost self {The Most High Spirit}.

Karmic destiny and Connection With God

Third eye chakra

When something happens that’s against your desires and will it’s your karmic destiny, in other words what you were meant to experience in this life in order to spiritually evolve. We must see our adversities as a way of God teaching us lesson after lesson in order to enlighten us. Spiritual Enlightenment is the only path to eternal peace and everlastingness (immortality). Nothing on Earth or in the physical plane can give you the peace, or complete relief you want out of life. Physical life is nothing but pain with some relief, which is one of life’s great lessons; you’re born into a family and place that reflects your karma, your life is given to you by the goddess (Maat) (Divine order) according to your heart (karma) and past actions. That being said when something you don’t like or want, happens you should always thank the most high God for giving you the lesson because every event in life is coordinated by God for the purpose of spiritual evolution to bring you closer to the most high spirit (innermost self). This wisdom comes straight from the ancient Egyptian book of coming forth by day and the pyramid texts our ancestors had left for us in their tombs.

Summary: don’t be discouraged or depressed when things don’t always go your way, all things DO happen for a reason and that reason is Enlightenment and to be brought closer to God by being taught lessons in life first hand through human experiences. Remember we are God’s vehicle of manifestation we are but playing pieces in God’s game of chess. Life and your actions DO matter but everything in this physical experience is illusory and not our true selves. The true self is deep within the Duat(Netherworld) and one must become enlightened and pure of heart to discover it. To know thyself is our greatest goal in life 💯