Karmic destiny and Connection With God

Third eye chakra

When something happens that’s against your desires and will it’s your karmic destiny, in other words what you were meant to experience in this life in order to spiritually evolve. We must see our adversities as a way of God teaching us lesson after lesson in order to enlighten us. Spiritual Enlightenment is the only path to eternal peace and everlastingness (immortality). Nothing on Earth or in the physical plane can give you the peace, or complete relief you want out of life. Physical life is nothing but pain with some relief, which is one of life’s great lessons; you’re born into a family and place that reflects your karma, your life is given to you by the goddess (Maat) (Divine order) according to your heart (karma) and past actions. That being said when something you don’t like or want, happens you should always thank the most high God for giving you the lesson because every event in life is coordinated by God for the purpose of spiritual evolution to bring you closer to the most high spirit (innermost self). This wisdom comes straight from the ancient Egyptian book of coming forth by day and the pyramid texts our ancestors had left for us in their tombs.

Summary: don’t be discouraged or depressed when things don’t always go your way, all things DO happen for a reason and that reason is Enlightenment and to be brought closer to God by being taught lessons in life first hand through human experiences. Remember we are God’s vehicle of manifestation we are but playing pieces in God’s game of chess. Life and your actions DO matter but everything in this physical experience is illusory and not our true selves. The true self is deep within the Duat(Netherworld) and one must become enlightened and pure of heart to discover it. To know thyself is our greatest goal in life đź’Ż

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