Divine Law – The Heart And Feather

Most people know nothing of ‘Divine Law’ — the law that governs all {incarnation, earth, and non-physical). In Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) traditions the heart is represented by a hieroglyph called ‘The Ab’ 𓄣. This hieroglyph in the ancient Egyptian language is like an empty pot, which is filled with all of your Karma (memories & experiences). This heart or pot is judged by the Divinity of truth and order Maat when a person dies or needs to cross over from the end of a physical life to the start of a astral journey and possibly reincarnate if the soul is not enlightened enough to find the higher self and transcend to higher levels of being {Heavenly realms and the House of Asar}(the Most High Spirit in Kamitic traditions). In the mystical teachings of Qmt (Kamit – Ancient Egypt) The Ab is weighed against a feather of the Goddess of truth and order Maat to see if the heart (conscience) is lighter or heavier (righteous or unrighteous). It is said if the heart is unrighteous it will be given to the demons for torturing (hell), in the Duat (Astral Realm) one may be there for an eternity (forever or unmeasured amount of time, years and years) and experience an unlimited amount of pain or pleasure depending on the life one lived while alive on earth. So, when you are being given a new life on earth after experiences in the Astral realm; you are given a life according to your Karma, The Ab is judged and placed in the right body to again gain experiences to become enlightened (spiritual evolution) and given the choice to become righteous and pure of heart. To realize the innermost truth and find the innermost self {The Most High Spirit}.

Published by dripy sage

Author, Illustrator, Photographer & Model

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