Three Types of Men – Spiritual Evolution

The mystical teachings of Qmt (Kamit) and also in other cultures like the Taoist tradition of China, describe the three types (levels) of spiritually evolved men. In the Taoist tradition of China they are called Masses, Superior Men, and Sages; in the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition they were referred to as Sahu Man, Ab Man, and Asar Man. Again these are the 3 stages/divisions of the spiritual evolution of man, representing the mental, moral, and spiritual abilities a man has. First, the Masses/Sahu Men are the least spiritually evolved they are controlled by their emotions and sensual feelings having little to no intuitive power. They see only the concrete physical side of things basically devoid of understanding. A man like this has not risen past the Sahu part of the spirit in the Kamitic traditions. Next, the Superior Man/Ab Man is one who is able to rise above the influence of their emotions and sensual habits. They have evolved a little more spiritually than the Sahu Man being that they are able to understand and think abstractly for themselves about the subjects they have been taught, although their knowledge is still limited to just that. They have risen past the Sahu part of spirit and the lower divisions of the spirit (lower-self, animal spirit, instincts). Being this spiritually evolved they can avoid contradictions in their life (falsities) that are problematic and seemingly unavoidable to the Masses. Finally, the Sages/Asar Men are able to intuit (teach themselves from within) the knowledge they need to solve any problem they face. They can achieve goals using words of power (Hekau) and visualization. This is the highest level in spiritual evolution at this stage man has completed his evolution. Learning and practicing the mystical teachings, meditation, prayer & ritual you will become more conscious, perceptive, and enlightened to the world around you. You will begin to understand more and more each day; why things happen in the world and your purpose as a (spirit at his subtlest) soul incarnated (mind & body at his grossest/densest point) to this life on earth (physical plane).


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