Man’s Will And God’s Will

Through our will we express our plans and future actions. The things we want (will) to achieve are determined by our self-identity. In ancient Egypt (Qmt) we believe our true self is with the Supreme Being (All encompassing){Neberdjer}. Qualitatively God and us are the same; this must mean our will also belongs to God. Since God is omnipotent and we are one with God, our will is God’s will which is all seeing and all knowing and in sync with all events. The principle determining a man’s success is not simply having a firm will, or just thinking positively but is man’s ability to intuit God’s will (the mysteries of life and why everything happens). A man or woman spiritually evolved to this level (identifying with the true self and not the ego self) can unite his/her will with the will of God; a person who seeks to be guided by God’s will in all actions and decisions in life. Success (which isn’t always the accomplishment of your exact goal but spiritual evolution {enlightenment}, gaining knowledge and power from the experience) in life is always the outcome if all of a person’s actions are guided by God. We should all seek to be guided by God and grow in the likeness of God.

Published by dripy sage

Author, Illustrator, Photographer & Model

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