Acceptance Is A Virtue

It’s important to accept things in our lives even though sometimes we may not like the thing we must accept. It can be anything from a problem to a solution to the problem we have to accept it the consequences of our circumstances in general in one’s life. If we accept that what is going to happen will happen then we will feel no pain from it. This is apart of transcending the earth element. Fear, survival, worry, food dependency are all to be transcended. Cultivating faith, stability, and righteousness will transcend those worldly principles. Acceptance is apart of those virtues to be cultivated.

Accepting things doesn’t necessarily mean do nothing in life everything will fix itself. By acceptance I mean accepting things to a certain extent and usually things that only the most high can change. Keeping in mind we are like small drops in the primeval ocean Nun. We apart of all things that exist which are encompassed by and make up the body of God (Neberdjer)(QMT). An example is health problems, we should definitely get treatment if available but remember that Anpu (God) has the final say so in any situation. Some problems only God can solve and we might not like the solution God chooses for us sometimes but it’s always the best and righteous. Cultivating our psycho-spiritual virtues over worldly principles is how we will transcend them. Being light instead of ignorant we will create our destinies. Ignorance will cause you to fall victim to your own fate.

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Graphic Designer, Photographer & Model

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