Lost Souls – God’s Tears

I’m sure most people have at some point heard about the Eye of Horus, there are many myths about this eye also known as the “all seeing eye” or God’s Eye. One says the Eye (symbolizing the individual soul of a human being) of Helios (Supreme Being, Divine Self, Ra) left him to go into creation and while there, got lost. Helios sent another aspect of himself Thoth (Hermes/Djehuti, who symbolizes wisdom) to find his eye and bring it back. Hermes made the Eye remember its Divine nature and agree to reunite with Helios. When the Eye came back, it saw that Helios had put another in its place. To keep the Eye at peace, Helios put the Eye on his forehead in the form of a celestial serpent so it could rule the world. Another version of this myth says that Helios’ Eye resisted the the wisdom of God Hermes and as a result shed tears, then human men grew from the tears of God’s Eye. This story implies that human beings were created from the sorrow of God seeing his Eye (individual souls that originated from him– the Supreme Being, eternity and everlastingness) was forgetting it’s true nature and becoming human. The tears being the physical substance becoming bodies allowing the souls to exist in the physical realm. Humans being created from tears is an idea saying mankind is Helios (God) expressing his desire to have experiences in time and space. Also, tears being what humans do when we are sad, symbolizes how sorrowful human life is now that we have forgotten our divinity. We use our egos instead of our limitless and everlasting true Self when we are unified with God. This story also compares us to individual waves (individual souls) moving in the ocean (all encompassing Supreme Being), forgetting we are the whole ocean (Supreme Being/Divine Self) not just the individual wave (our ego). The Eye is compared to a lost soul which is a human stuck in the cycle of reincarnation living, dying, living again until we remember our true nature to transcend death and go back to our rightful place with God as One. Pursuing pleasures in the world by default will also give us pain, because no good feeling in this world can last forever so we continue to pursue our worldly desires even more. Doing so gives our hearts impressions that don’t die when our bodies do and those passionate desires live on in our souls after death compelling us to continue searching for fulfillment in the physical world, so we reincarnate after spending some time in the subjective realm (spirit world or dream world)(afterlife) for those who aren’t conscious enough to steer themselves in the direction of the divine, we have experiences related to our past physical life in the dream world until the soul is burnt out and reincarnates into another body. The Gods Themis (Maat) and Anubis (Anpu) are also involved in our afterlife experiences and where we are placed in our next life but that’s another story. 🕉

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