Sensual Eruption

Is it wrong to identify as straight, if you’re in some way attracted to the same sex? Even sensually or asexually…

Lately there’s been lesbian talk about how alleged bisexual guys can’t be tough and will never get any women because they’re gay even though they don’t identify as that. I like women but I’m sensually attracted to men sometimes, Asexually. I express attraction to others of my same sex though I’ve never had sex with another man of any sort. I only enjoy sex with women. I think two men having sex is too complicated, thats just my opinion. I’m also not against touching or exploring each other’s bodies. I don’t identify as Gay or Queer because they’re the same. I’m also not a Lesbian or Trans. I guess that leaves bisexual but I don’t identify as that either. Anyway It was my understanding that you’re not gay unless you say you’re gay, meaning no one can label you as anything you don’t identify yourself as. I don’t like the fact that people agree with and encourage certain members of the LGBTQ+ community but insult and bully others. If you truly believe someone is LGBTQ but is closeted then shouldn’t you give them the same respect as any other member of the community; and not ridicule them for not wanting to be open and shout it to everyone they meet. That’s extremely hypocritical for a lesbian to do that to a person she believes to be a closeted gay male when they’re both on the same team LGBTQ+. Isn’t that what you’re supporting in the first place by being Lesbian? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Published by dripy sage

Author, Illustrator, Photographer & Model

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