Being Closeted Or Down Low Is Wrong — Right?

A lot of times when I’m talking about what is going wrong with my sex life I ignore or leave out the part that I am bisexual and or pansexual. I actually don’t know if this is considered wrong or not but would like to know other people’s opinions about this.

So if you are just starting to see someone romantically, is it wrong to not identify yourself as LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈🌈 if by some definitions you are considered that?

What I mean is if you are sexually attracted to the same sex or have been known to be that way publicly but your new love interest does not know that, is it right or wrong to not bring that up?

Is it wrong to identify as straight if you suddenly decide you do not like the same sex anymore?

Is your sexual identity your choice or are you permanently labeled by your peers and those around you once you have expressed sexual attraction to someone of the same sex?

If you commit a homosexual or bisexual act or even have sex with a trans person are you able to come back from that and be straight again?

These are questions that need answers share this with all of your friends.

Do you choose your sexual identity or do your peers.

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