Man’s Will And God’s Will

Through our will we express our plans and future actions. The things we want (will) to achieve are determined by our self-identity. In ancient Egypt (Qmt) we believe our true self is with the Supreme Being (All encompassing){Neberdjer}. Qualitatively God and us are the same; this must mean our will also belongs to God. SinceContinue reading “Man’s Will And God’s Will”

Three Types of Men – Spiritual Evolution

The mystical teachings of Qmt (Kamit) and also in other cultures like the Taoist tradition of China, describe the three types (levels) of spiritually evolved men. In the Taoist tradition of China they are called Masses, Superior Men, and Sages; in the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition they were referred to as Sahu Man, Ab Man,Continue reading “Three Types of Men – Spiritual Evolution”

Divine Law – The Heart And Feather

Most people know nothing of ‘Divine Law’ — the law that governs all {incarnation, earth, and non-physical). In Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) traditions the heart is represented by a hieroglyph called ‘The Ab’ đ“„Ł. This hieroglyph in the ancient Egyptian language is like an empty pot, which is filled with all of your Karma (memories &Continue reading “Divine Law – The Heart And Feather”

Karmic destiny and Connection With God

When something happens that’s against your desires and will it’s your karmic destiny, in other words what you were meant to experience in this life in order to spiritually evolve. We must see our adversities as a way of God teaching us lesson after lesson in order to enlighten us. Spiritual Enlightenment is the onlyContinue reading “Karmic destiny and Connection With God”